Here are some of the projects I have produced in the recent past:

I just finished line-producing a 24 minute musical web-series for the internet about teenage Vampires. I also was the 1st Assistant Director.

Last month I produced a one hour five camera Documentary Video for Michael Rose Productions. The Client was Kaiser Permanente. I was the DGA 1st Assistant Director also.

I recently finished producing a Sales Video for Sony to be used on the Internet and in Sony Stores. The agency was Powerpact Advertising. I was the Producer and the Post Production Supervisor.

I produced a multi-million dollar project for Alter Ego Advertising and NetZero. I was the Agency Producer and the Post Production Supervisor.

I also produced and directed a ten minute Video fund raiser for the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. The video has raised twenty-one million dollars so far. I also was the Executive Producer and Post Production Supervisor.

I line produced a Chrysler commercial for Admit One Productions and GlobalHue Advertising. I came in $83,000 under budget.

Before freelancing as a Line/Agency Producer / Post Supervisor (these past years), I was a Partner / Executive Producer at Griner Cuesta & Schrom, Inc./ NY and LA. After that, I ran
my own company as a Division of Screen Gems LTD here in California and New York. I was
the Executive Producer/and Sales Rep.

Besides hundreds of commercials, I have also produced numerous Corporate, Sales, Sports, News, Travel, Music Videos and other long-form Films, Videos and TV projects. I have an excellent background in Post-Production, Visual Effects, Graphics and Animation.

“Attention To Detail” That’s my motto and definition of a good Producer.