Erwin Kramer's romance with Film Production goes back to his college years. An avid film buff, he decided to let his avocation become his vocation, and opted to study Film Production at CCNY in New York.

Having specialized in Documentary Film Production, on graduation Kramer went to work for Henry Strauss Productions where he amassed a wealth of practical experience as Production Manager on Industrial Films.

Five years later, he moved on to Marathon International Productions where, as Assistant Director and Producer, he worked on a broad range of Documentary, News and Industrial films.

After several years, Horn / Griner Studios decided to enter the film business and tapped Kramer as their Executive Producer. Kramer helped move Horn / Griner in it's new direction of becoming the most successful Commercial Production Company in the Industry.

Kramer then went on to become a Partner / Executive Producer / Producer in a newly formed Company...Griner / Cuesta & Associates. In the ensuing years, Kramer extended his responsibilities to include day-to-day management and planning for the Company's future. Kramer took the necessary steps to move his company into the future. He produced more than a dozen CLIO winners for major national accounts and was instrumental in launching the careers of many industry luminaries.

Soon thereafter, Erwin decided to open up the West Coast Office for Griner / Cuesta & Schrom. He was instrumental in establishing G / C & S as a major force in Los Angeles by recruiting talented directors such as Carlton Chase, Doug Taub, Anthony Hoffman and David Wild.

Then Erwin made an important decision to create his own Commercial Production Organization, and launched Erwin Kramer Associates. Kramer serves as President and Executive Producer of EKA. Kramer provides complete Production Services both in North America and overseas.

Kramer is also available as a Freelance Line-Agency Producer/ DGA 1st AD and Post Supervisor.